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Eczema clinic

Eczema or atopic dermatitis is the most common childhood skin disease and one of the most common disorders of childhood. Up to 20% of all children are more or less affected by the eczema. It is therefore one of the most important pediatric-dermatological diseases.
Based on long standing experience and work in outpatient and inpatient acute and chronic eczema care Dr. Pleimes is a specialist in this field. All patients will receive individually tailored treatment plans, advice and patient education. Many hundreds of children are seen by our staff each year.

atopic dermatitis professional and standardized patient education
courses for eczema patients are offered by our experienced patient education team in Heidelberg since 2012. The team is certified by the German atopic dermatitis education group (AGNES e.V.). The training courses are therefore covered by most of the health insurances.

Eczema can have many faces
Eczema can have very different forms and not always they can be recognized by the inexperienced physician.
- dry skin
- broad-spread eczema
- rounded forms of eczema (nummular Ekeme)
- severe generalized atopic dermatitis
- or severe chronic forms
For your child an individually optimized therapy is necessary. We help you to find a treatment as gentle as possible, but at the same time to achieve the goal of a rapid and complete healing.
Education will help to overcome anxiety and safe therapy options can be found even for the youngest patients.
Eczema is not an allergy itself. If, however, there are indications for additional existing allergies, thorough investigation of these sequelae will be performed out of one hand.

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