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Due to the current pandemic situation, we offer an online consultation. Families who want to avoid possible close contact with other people can use this service to haven an appointment with us form at home. Please visit our appointments page or contact us by mail or telephone.

In Dr. Pleimes`practice for young skin and pediatric dermatology children, adolescents and young adults find a unique setting for age-matched diagnosis and treatment of sensitive skin problems.
The whole team of our practice has a long-standing experience in pediatrics and dermatology.
We are a private practice and public health insured patients or patients with insurances that are not part of the German health system will receive a bill for the office visits.

Our office is located close to the city center of Heidelberg.

In our practice children, adolescents and young adults with disease from the entire spectrum of skin, hair and nail changes in these age groups are treated.
In addition to the more common skin conditions such as eczema (atopic dermatitis), psoriasis, pigmentation disorders (eg. vitiligo), nail diseases, hemangiomas or acne, we particularly treat rare skin disease.
These may be congenital or part of other more complex systemic diseases or syndromes.

Our philosophy
Skin diseases of the sensitive skin of children, require individually tailored examination, diagnosis and therapy. To offer short waiting times, optimal diagnostics and the best possible care to all our patients, we have chosen deliberately to run the practice as a private or self-pay practice. You will receive the same quality regardless of what health insurance you have.

What does this mean for you as a family / patient?
Each patient, completely independent of insurance status, is treated on the same high level.
For the services, patients receive detailed written information.

Private insurance usually covers all or most of the costs of our treatment, depending on your personal insurance contract. For public health insurance you should try to talk to your insurance in advance. Often part of the cost are reimbursed, too.

Leider müssen wir mitteilen, dass aufgrund des Umzugs unserer bisherigen Kooperationspraxis eine Sprechstunde in Frankfurt nicht weiter angeboten werden kann. Besuchen Sie aber gerne unsere Hauptpraxis in Heidelberg. Hier stehen zudem gerade für Spezialfälle, aber auch für spezifische Schulungen bessere Möglichkeiten zur Verfügung. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Kontaktaufnahme. more »

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