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Medical Cosmetics

Starting August 2017 we have expanded our team and now offer specialized medical cosmetic treatments. Often using more than just topical or oral medications will achieve the best effect for your problems.

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Children, adolescents and adults with sensitive skin
• skin analysis
• mild cleansing products (anti-bacterial, little irritating, hypoallergenic)
• pore opening gently with pure water vapor
• cleansing / open up comedones and pustules. If necessary and tolerated, opening of individual lesions with a small sterile disposable cannula
• removal of hyperkeratosis
• (fruit) acid treatment (with glycolic or citric acid or mandelic or salicylic acid to the need of skin)
          o brighting of slight pigmentation, smoothing of small wrinkles
          o anti-aging effect
• Special face mask for cooling and calming of the facial skin
• day care, and application of sun protection (with high UVA and UVB factor)

Camouflage treatment and counseling (eg. port wine stains, pigmentations)
• for optimal covering and leveling of disturbing skin changes on the face or body.
• optimal hue by special combination of pigment mixtures applied (in solid or cream form). Sweat, abrasion and waterproof if additionally fixated.

Professional pedicure
• caring footbath
• disinfection of the skin
• trimming of nails
• cleaning
• remove hyperkeratotic nailparts
• nail repair
• ingrown toenails
• treatment of warts with professional keratolysis and matched complementary measures (laser, immunological therapy, etc.).
• ointments

We have gentle but highly professional laser therapy devices for vascular malformations
• Treatment of red vascular marks as
        o port wine stains
        o residual hemangiomas
        o rosacea / cuperose / red face
        o Certain forms of spider veins
• Treatment of warts
• Certain inflammatory skin lesions such as keratosis pilaris rubra

laser concept:
• skin analysis to determine the lesions and usefulness of a treatment
          o if equipment should be needed that we do not have, we will transfer you to colleagues
• If needed, anesthesia of the skin by applying special creams
• implementation of the therapy
• following treatment, application of cold packs or special skin-soothing cosmetics
• sun protection

What should be considered?
• Before skin treatments (face) perform no peeling at home and try to not use make-up or other day care products
• Sun exposure of treated skin should be avoided
• Use only recommended sun protection / other cosmetics after treatment!

• Before any pedicure, remove nailpolish / come with unpainted nails

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